Tube Tracker
Tube Tracker

Live Public Transport In Your Pocket

Trains, trams, boats, buses and everything else - Tube Tracker is a simple and practical real-time public transport app for iOS 9.

Tube Tracker

The Most Comprehensive Live Public Transport App for Londoners

#1 Travel App

A Full Suite of Amazing Features

Many of Tube Tracker's features (such as the live map) can't be found anywhere else.

Departure Boards

View the departure boards of every station, even if there is no departure board at the bus stop or platform.

Line Statuses

Real-time line status updates, as well as problematic stations. Tube Tracker is the Only App that provides you with this information for all planned disruptions in the next six months.


Live Maps

Watch every train make its journey across town on the live map. Zoomable, pannable, searchable, lovable.


Timely push notifications alert you to problems with lines that you are interested in, when you are interested in them.

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Plan Your Journey Using Official Live Information

Find the best routes for your journey with official Journey Planner data. Every route planned is saved on your device so that you can review it later, even when underground.

Plus, you can even plan journeys between two stations whilst offline!

You can share your route with friends, or just view a breakdown on a map.

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Tube Tracker on Apple Watch

Departure boards, last train home and line status information available at the flick of your wrist.


One of the Best Ranked Paid Apps in the App Store

Tube Tracker has been highly rated since its launch in 2010.

  • Ranked #3 in All UK Paid Apps
  • Ranked #1 in Paid Travel Apps
  • App Store Front Page Feature
  • Watch App Store Front Page Feature
  • New and Noteworthy on Launch

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